We are living in a new, exciting world which is full of risks, challenges and changes. Never in recorded history has there been such dramatic changes in just two generations. These changes affect how we do business, how we communicate and how we manage our resources.

In today’s dynamic world, experience is only half the battle. Our interpersonal skills and abilities must ensure that when we can’t draw on our experience, we can think on our feet and invent solutions. It is through these moments of invention and creativity, that new opportunities are born.

These opportunities “live” in human nature: What prevents us change? How can we overcome these preventions? How to motivate and encourage? We need to develop leadership, staff and managerial talent.

Management Development

  • Leadership Developement, specially on Coach leadership.
  • Flexibility, proactivity and overcoming resistance to changes.
  • Tailor made “In Company” training on management skills.
  • Specialized programs for Middle Management.

Talent Development

  • Workshops to define the Mission, Vision and Values of the Company.
  • Excellence Team.
  • Management and Facilitation for Change: Training, Coaching and Mentoring.
  •  Experiential workshops to redesign “how we work” from within.

Customer Development

  • Loyalty programs based on Knowledge
  • Tailor made programs to build and manage relationships


Board of Directors. Technology sector:

Transforming a Board of Directors into a team of excellence, through a program of Team Development and Leadership interventions followed by individual Executive Coaching.

Management Development Program. Pharmaceutical sector:

After a preliminary diagnosis, the project was divided into three basic training activities and more individualized Executive Coaching actions

Management Team. Medium enterprise (150 people) of the maintenance sector:

Previous work with the Company Director was combined and this facilitated the design of a strategy, which was aimed at the management team.

Leadership Program for Board of Directors. Multinational leader in Design and Manufacturing

We began the project by providing training for Leadership, followed by a process of Coaching for the Board of Directors. Finally, we developed a process for the Executive Coaching of all staff.

Aligning the Organization. Hospital Company Sector:

After strong growth in recent years, it was necessary to reorganize and align the different teams based on the new strategic needs of the company. The project eventually came to involve key people in the design of the strategy itself. It included training modules and facilitating Workshops, followed by Executive Coaching for key people.

Organizational Improvement Program for Commercial Area. Leader in the publishing industry:

For many years, the education sector has been experiencing strong circumstantial, legal and technological changes that are strongly having an impact on competition. Collaborate in implementing a strategy of growth and diversification of business which involved the General Director, Business Management Team, Middle Management and sales teams.

Coaching for managers of commercial area. Multinational cosmetic industry:

Individual sessions facilitated by a change to management style and leadership to address profound sectoral changes.

Training for project leader engineers. Company in the design and implementation of electrical installations and industrial air conditioning:

The key objective is for management to facilitate success and lead their respective teams, multidisciplinary, in a changing and highly competitive world.

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